Us, Them, and the End of Violence:
A Lenten Journey

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Join bestselling author Brian McLaren and Irish storyteller Gareth Higgins for a seven week journey into creativity, community, and the common good. It's free, it starts on March 5th, and all you need to do is sign up.

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We're living in a time of great upheaval, anxiety, and challenge; as well as great possibility, and even hope. We’re following the traditions of authentic spirituality to embrace Lent as a season for going deeper amidst the swirl of life. The best way to respond to something bad is to do something better, so we're taking a journey together for the 40 days of Lent, seeking ancient wisdom about a better story: moving from oppositional energy to creative hope, from fear to faith, from distraction to contemplation, from individualism to the common good.

We’re inviting you into conversations about what we call the Seventh Story: transcending domination, revenge, isolation, purification, victimization and accumulation narratives with a new story of reconciliation - humans with each other, with the ecosystem, and with Love itself.

What exactly are we doing? It's simple: a daily email and a weekly conversation.

You'll get a short daily email for reflection for every day of Lent, and be invited to a live conversation each week for seven weeks. You'll get to hear conversation with Brian McLaren, Gareth Higgins, and friends from the world of creativity, community, and the common good - and you can participate in the conversations, too! Can't make the live conversations? Don't worry - they'll be recorded and available to watch at any point during Lent.

So, join us, on your own, or gather two or more friends to take this course as a group.  Click here to sign up - it's absolutely free*.

We'd love you to read either or both of our two new books on the Seventh Story, but you'll still be able to follow the course either way. You can get the books here.

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